US President Joe Biden made an error during an interview with Nexstar Media, mistakenly referring to Palestinian Rafah as Israeli Haifa.

Journalist Reshad Hudson asked him about his strategy to appeal to pro-Palestinian voters.

"Firstly, I've met with them. Secondly, I've been clear that there needs to be a significant increase in the flow of food, water, and medicine into Gaza. And I've cautioned against attacks on Haifa," the president stated, apparently intending to refer to Rafah.

The United States opposes the Israeli operation in Rafah. The Israeli government argues that this operation is necessary to achieve the military operation's objectives: to dismantle Hamas and secure the release of hostages.

Biden is campaigning for reelection as president. A sizable portion of pro-Palestinian voters threatens to abstain from voting on Election Day instead of supporting the Democratic Party. This scenario could lead to victory for former President Donald Trump, who is running as a Republican.