A senior representative of the terrorist organization Hamas, speaking to the pan-Arab publication Al-Araby Al-Jadeed in London, dismissed claims that Hamas could not locate over 20 hostages alive or provide 40 hostages for an upcoming deal's first stage.

The representative labeled this information as deliberate disinformation spread by the "occupation government" to evade releasing the abducted and to mislead Israeli citizens and hostage families. The publication does not disclose the representative's name or position.

According to the Hamas representative quoted in the publication, "It is impossible to accurately determine the number of surviving hostages, but it is definitely higher than the figures indicated in the Jewish media." The source claimed that there are "30 high-ranking Israeli generals and Shin Bet officers captured on October 7 at military bases and secret military facilities in the hands of Hamas, and the occupying forces will not be able to reach them under any circumstances."

The Hamas spokesman also accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and some government ministers of concealing the true identities of the kidnapped soldiers to prevent outrage among the military ranks. He alleged that Israel is attempting to portray some soldiers and officers, including retirees and reservists, as civilians to lower negotiation costs.

Regarding reports of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar hiding in tunnels, the spokesman labeled them as "untrue." He claimed that Sinwar recently inspected areas where Hamas militants clashed with the Israeli army and communicated with militants on the ground, not in tunnels.

The spokesman also refuted allegations of a lack of communication between Hamas leaders in Gaza and abroad, stating that recent talks occurred during which Sinwar briefed colleagues on the fighting's progress and Hamas forces' exact numbers in different areas of the strip.

Additionally, the Hamas spokesman criticized the United States, claiming that during the conflict, the U.S. showed its true colors as a participant rather than a mediator. He asserted that the White House administration is "furious" for failing to coerce Hamas into releasing Israeli prisoners unconditionally, which, if implemented, would allegedly end Palestinian suffering.