On Saturday, December 23, a rally in support of the families of kidnapped Israelis took place in Caesarea, with hundreds of people participating. The demonstrators demanded the immediate resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Roni Neiman, the uncle of Rotem Neiman, who was killed by terrorists at the Nova music festival near Re'im, also spoke at the demonstration. He stated that the head of the government, who sends soldiers to war but is afraid to attend their funerals, must step down. Neiman also said that if the release of the killer of his niece helps bring the kidnapped hostages home, he would support such a step.

Another large rally took place in front of the Tel Aviv Museum, with thousands in attendance. About 300 participants blocked the Menachem Begin Highway in the southern direction. This action was coordinated with the police. Calls for the resignation of the head of the government were also voiced at the demonstration.