The head of the prominent Sephardic yeshiva, Porat Yosef, Rabbi Moshe Tzedaka, expressed his belief that even ultra-Orthodox individuals who don't devote themselves to Torah study full-time should not serve in the army.

He argued that even those deemed academically weak contribute to the army through prayer and by refraining from sin.

Rabbi Tzedaka emphasized the role of the ultra-Orthodox in safeguarding IDF soldiers, noting the formidable challenges they face in military service.

He remarked, "If the army resembled that of King David's time, the situation would be different, but that's clearly not the case."

Therefore, he contended that individuals not fully immersed in Torah study should not be conscripted.

Earlier, Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel, Yitzhak Yosef, advocated for the conscription of ultra-Orthodox individuals who are not permanently engaged in yeshiva Torah study.