The Association of Students of Ultra-Religious Yeshivas (Igud Bnei HaYeshivos Haharediyet) has put forth a proposal to the High Court aimed at resolving the crisis surrounding the conscription of Haredim into the army: they suggest creating a gender-segregated army, excluding women entirely.

While acknowledging the successful service of religious women and men in the IDF, representatives of the association stress that such service does not align with ultra-religious halakhic standards, even if permission has been granted by religious authorities.

According to an article by "Kipa" published on Thursday, March 28, the Association of Ultra-Religious Yeshiva Students conveyed in a letter to the High Court the necessity of establishing a male-only army, citing the inability to accommodate both Haredim and women in the military simultaneously.

The students of ultra-religious yeshivas underscore in their letter the primacy and non-negotiable nature of their rabbis' decisions, deeming reliance on the practices of followers of other rabbis unacceptable.

The letter further asserts, "For those whose rabbis have decreed this as an absolute and uncompromising halakhic prohibition, the fact that religious men and women are currently serving in the IDF, possibly with halakhic approval, does not render this approval acceptable within the Haredim's halakhic framework."